Cross Country Move


It's been awhile since I have been here with you.  As you know I put my home on the market and from that moment my life was like a clothes washing cycle.  The water was flowing great, then the agitation cycle began, followed by a rinse, and a final spin.  I will share the details with you as time goes on.  In a nutshell, moving cross … [Read more...]

Calm After The Storm

Ryobi 40v Blower

This time of year brings some nasty weather.  We have had our share of it here in Georgia with rain and whipping winds.  After it's gone, it leaves quite a mess with debris, leaves, branches, and sometimes fallen trees.  There was a storm that dropped the temperature and left quite a mess for me to pick up the next morning.  I did, … [Read more...]

At the Finish Line

Painted Bench Tutorial

So, I had this great idea.  One that was amazing... knock your socks off amazing. Have you ever had an idea like this?  You know... the kind where you envision this super unique piece at the finish line?   Then...   it all comes to a screeching halt.  Just...     ...Like.    ...That! What you envisioned at the finish line … [Read more...]

Create Pillows Using A Shower Curtain and Tablecloth

Exterior Pillows

Continuing with the How I Got My Home Ready To Sell Series, I thought I would share with you how I spruced up my exterior.  With the list of items to complete, sometimes the "extras" can be overlooked.  An extra such as pillows for outdoor seating areas.  The pillows create a comfortable feeling for a visitor and add extra color where it is … [Read more...]

Paint, paint, paint

American Flag

Paint, paint, paint.  Oh yes!  The exterior is sometimes overlooked when selling a home.  This is one of the most important elements. Like I mentioned with pressure washing, the dirt is unnoticeable until you start to clean it up.  Paint is the same way.  It fades and is less beautiful.  Whites get dingy and blacks get … [Read more...]

How I got my home ready to sell – The Series – Pressure Washing

RYOBI 3100V Power Washer

Let's face it, every home has it's own story with memories created under a roof. They are there before we move in and will continue after we move out. It's pretty special... Every home is special, and when it is put on the market, it's best to make it shine like those favorite memories. Just like wearing a beautiful gown to a wedding or … [Read more...]

Home For Sale

Home For Sale

I bet you've been wondering if I disappeared. I haven't forgotten about you and  miss you so much! It's been busy here... and... It's official! My home is for sale and on the market! I am excited... I think??  It's a little bitter sweet.  I loved this home the moment I stepped through the front door.    My husband and I found … [Read more...]

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