Ball Jars and International Can-It-Forward Day

Slipcovered Grey

Did you know tomorrow (Saturday), August 16th, is International Can-It-Forward day?   There is going to be quite an event taking place, one you definitely don't want to miss.   When Ball Brand contacted me to review and celebrate in this day, I jumped at the chance. Collecting these jars, especially vintage/colorful jars, is … [Read more...]

Dry Brush/Whitewash Tutorial

China Cabinet White Washed

Dry Brush/Whitewash Tutorial Recently I had a few of you ask specifics of how I painted this piece. This was actually my second project ever with Annie Sloan paint.  I remember I loved the end result so much, it broke my heart to sell it.  Thanks to the readers who brought to my attention that a tutorial was in need. After sifting … [Read more...]

Cleaning Up the Curb Appeal

Ryobi String Trimmer

Thanks to each and every one of you for input on where to start first with my new home.  Your ideas really solidified what is important and what direction I should take.  One of the comments received on Facebook was "trust your instincts".  Thanks Sandy!  My instincts are telling me to SLOW down and enjoy the process.  Do not rush or make … [Read more...]

Getting Personal – My Prince Charming


Today I am going to get personal and share with you something (someone) dear to my heart.   I think it's every girl's fantasy to walk down the aisle with prince charming. To glance in his eyes and just know.  Know he's the one.  He's it. My prince charming walked into my life and I knew it.  From that moment there was no turning … [Read more...]

What would you do?

Arizona House

So, I was asking my husband where should I start?  What should I post about?  Past projects that helped us sell our home?  Our new house?  What?  His response? "Post about this house - how messy it is, and how much work we have to do!"  I guess we both are feeling a little overwhelmed.  Soooo... I'm going to show you what we left … [Read more...]

Cross Country Move


It's been awhile since I have been here with you.  As you know I put my home on the market and from that moment my life was like a clothes washing cycle.  The water was flowing great, then the agitation cycle began, followed by a rinse, and a final spin.  I will share the details with you as time goes on.  In a nutshell, moving cross … [Read more...]

Calm After The Storm

Ryobi 40v Blower

This time of year brings some nasty weather.  We have had our share of it here in Georgia with rain and whipping winds.  After it's gone, it leaves quite a mess with debris, leaves, branches, and sometimes fallen trees.  There was a storm that dropped the temperature and left quite a mess for me to pick up the next morning.  I did, … [Read more...]

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