How To Whitewash Wood

***This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Have you ever wondered how to get a whitewashed look on new wood?  Or wondered how to get  a piece of wood that looks like it's weathered and could have been removed from a barn?   I wanted white washed planked walls in my bathroom - full of texture and dimension but didn't want to tear … [Read more...]

Design Choices For A Small Bathroom

Design Choices For A Small Bathroom *This post contains affiliate links. Thank you all so much for your kind comments about my One Room Challenge project.  The bathroom was a tremendous amount of work but it feels great to have it completed.   The last week of the challenge was rushed and there is so much more I want to share with you … [Read more...]

Powder Room Reveal

POWDER ROOM REVEAL - ONE ROOM CHALLENGE *This post contains affiliate links* Well, friends, I survived!  I am happy, really happy.  This is the final reveal day for the One Room Challenge.  I honestly cannot believe it, but my little powder room that needed some freshening up is now brighter, clean, and a little more … [Read more...]

The Final Stretch – One Room Challenge week 5

Woah!  I cannot believe there is only one week left of the One Room Challenge.   These weeks have really flown by and I'm working super hard, but feel like this powder room may never reach the finish line.  I still have my fingers crossed, but honestly, this one is going to go down to the very last second.   Do you remember those design … [Read more...]

One Room Challenge – Week 4

Here we are in week 4 of the One Room Challenge.   I really feel like I don't have much to show you, but we have been working every, single, day.  I keep looking ahead, focused and ready, for a finished room.   The ceiling is now finished... can I get a hallelujah?   It took me longer than anticipated.  I wanted to make sure the … [Read more...]

One Room Challenge – Week Three

Things are cruising along here with the One Room Challenge.     As you know, I am revamping my powder room and am thankful for choosing a small room.    There are so many little details that can't be overlooked in this small space, which makes it the perfect amount of time to get it accomplished (fingers crossed).   This week was … [Read more...]

One Room Challenge – Challenge Accepted

Hello Friends!  I've been working hard around here, but unfortunately, don't have any completely finished rooms to show you yet.   I know, it's crazy!   It's been a long journey in this new house, but it's getting there.   With that said, I have wanted to join in on the One Room Challenge for many seasons now, but the timing hasn't been right. … [Read more...]

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