The Final Stretch – One Room Challenge week 5

Woah!  I cannot believe there is only one week left of the One Room Challenge.   These weeks have really flown by and I'm working super hard, but feel like this powder room may never reach the finish line.  I still have my fingers crossed, but honestly, this one is going to go down to the very last second.   Do you remember those design … [Read more...]

One Room Challenge – Week 4

Here we are in week 4 of the One Room Challenge.   I really feel like I don't have much to show you, but we have been working every, single, day.  I keep looking ahead, focused and ready, for a finished room.   The ceiling is now finished... can I get a hallelujah?   It took me longer than anticipated.  I wanted to make sure the … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Favorites

It's getting a little chilly out there. I can't believe the holiday season is here. Time to share some cheer and be thankful for it all. As I bundle up and get ready for the season, I wish we could grab a cup of hot cocoa and shop together. Seeing as we can't do that, I thought I'd share some of my Thanksgiving Favorites with … [Read more...]

I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye

Friends!  I have been putting this off for some time now.  I really, really do not want to say goodbye.  If you enjoy receiving emails from Slipcovered Grey - you HAVE to resubscribe.  This has been a long time coming, but it is something I have to do. ******** Let me explain what is going on.  I signed up for a service that sends you an … [Read more...]

Cross Country Move

It's been awhile since I have been here with you.  As you know I put my home on the market and from that moment my life was like a clothes washing cycle.  The water was flowing great, then the agitation cycle began, followed by a rinse, and a final spin.  I will share the details with you as time goes on.  In a nutshell, moving cross … [Read more...]

Home For Sale

I bet you've been wondering if I disappeared. I haven't forgotten about you and  miss you so much! It's been busy here... and... It's official! My home is for sale and on the market! I am excited... I think??  It's a little bitter sweet.  I loved this home the moment I stepped through the front door.    My husband and I found … [Read more...]

A Fairytale Wedding

Does a Fairytale Wedding exist? Oh, yes it does! It's a Fairytale, Bohemian-Chic, Wedding. This was a wedding for one of the Southern Ground Folks that eat a Little Chicken Fried, a Cold Beer on a Friday Night, wear a pair of Jeans That Fit Just Right, and Turn the Radio On. Are you following me?  Yep!  It was a wedding … [Read more...]

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